About the Author

417743_4852161346400_1327159882_nEmma Louise Backe is a little bit of everything. As a liberal arts undergraduate Vassar College, she studied Anthropology and English, with an emphasis on creative writing, indigenous storytelling techniques and and cultural interpretations of health and illness. She has worked for the Global Women’s Institute; the Gender, Health and Justice Unit at the University of Cape Town in South Africa; the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage; and the University of Pennsylvania Museum for Archaeology and Anthropology. She is also a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, where she served as a community health empowerment volunteer in Fiji on sexual and reproductive health and maternal and child health problems. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Medical Anthropology and a Certificate in Global Gender Policy from the George Washington University, where she also works as a Graduate Research Assistant for the joint GWU and Smithsonian Cellular Connections Project Funded by the NSF.

Emma is a logophile, story-lover, wonderer, explorer, art activist, critic, anthropologist and ghost whisperer. She cares deeply about the power of literature, women’s issues, and the ways that people find and cultivate magic in the world. She has devoted much of her professional, personal and academic life advocating to end violence against women and girls and cultivating culturally sensitive, creatively driven therapeutic and institutional responses for survivors. In her spare time, she volunteers for the DC Rape Crisis Center as a Hotline Advocate and a Community Educator, as well as the Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers movement to advocate for better health support for RPCV’s and accountable models for prevention and care among RPCV’s who are assaulted during their service.  She also writes for The Geek Anthropologist and keeps a tumblr of her various, scattered obsessions and intellectual curiosities. She loves talking to people about their interests, sharing ideas, geeking out, collaboratively writing, and sharing auspicious signs and energies, so feel free to contact her at emma.backe@gmail.com.


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